Just Keep Swimming

Blue Tang

You may recognize Dory from Finding Nemo as a Blue Tang like the one pictured above. (Thanks to Public Domain Pictures for the use of this image and thanks to Pixabay for the image of the swimming pool at the end of this post.)

I chose one of the character’s most quoted lines as the title of today’s post – and the theme of this week’s pursuits.

Swimming in Words

I have written 17,185 words toward the 20,000 I set for myself this month. Camp NaNoWriMo looks like it’s going to be a success.

I plan to write . . .

– at least six blog posts this week for myself and others

– at least one new children’s picture book manuscript and submit work to at least two or three agents or publishers

I may or may not work on my novel. It depends on how the week unfolds.

I also plan to finish reading one novel and make significant headway in two others.

Lastly, I want to finish reading Proofreading Secrets of Best-Selling Authors by Kathy Ide.

Swimming in Good Food

I have joined the 7-Day No Sugar Added challenge on FB. No artificial sweeteners or healthier options allowed, but naturally-occurring sugars in fruits and veggies are fine. I began Saturday after lunch and can’t say I’m missing sugar at all. I do have to read every label, however. You’d be surprised where sugar is “hiding.”

Since tomorrow is the last day of the 30-day fitness challenge, I’m looking forward to continuing the good habits I’ve developed.

I must keep lots of fruits, veggies, and lean meat on hand. If I do, the bad-for-me options aren’t really a temptation.

Swimming in Physical Activity

Our poochie has tummy troubles, so I won’t be walking him very far for the next few days. Plus, the week looks very rainy here. I will have to be disciplined to get my walking in.

I plan to do two upper body and two lower body workouts between now and Saturday.

Swimming in New Opportunities

The lady who put together the 30-day fitness challenge invited me to a Google+ Hangout today. We will be discussing three fitness myths. If all goes well, it will be uploaded to YouTube . . . my debut appearance (grin).

I may have mentioned that I am now a monthly blogger at InScribe.

I’ve also entered four pieces into the InScribe fall writing contest. I’ll find out in September if I won. It was fun to stretch myself – and the entry fee was very reasonable.

I have decided to offer workout development and demonstration to those who want it.

I will be speaking at a ladies’ event with my co-author in September. I will likely do it mostly off the cuff, but I do want to jot down a few things I want to be sure to include.

I hope to line up some doula clients. There have been some nibbles but no follow-up from potential clients.

Swimming in Household Tasks

Although The Year of the Great Declutter hasn’t shaped up as expected, I have added “household chore” and “procrastination item” to my Monday-Friday schedule. Plus, I hope to spend an hour in the basement with my hubby each Saturday attacking the clutter down there.

Time to swim in these waters too.


What are you swimming toward this week?


3 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming

  1. I’ve been using the mantra, “just keep swimming”, on one of my co-workers, who is having struggles on the job. I think it is a good phrase to use to keep us moving forward in any situation.

    Sounds like you have been busy – way busier than me! Keep up the good work, but remember to take some time to just float!

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