Just Keep Working


Well, it looks like I’m working on a series of posts and I wasn’t even aware of it until now. (grin)

A young woman I know has a job cleaning a shopping mall. She had no idea that she would be getting as many hours as she is. This is a good news/bad news scenario. It’s always good when payday rolls around. Plus, doing the job well and enjoying your co-workers (most of the time) is always good. However, when you get a talking-to for something you’re sure you didn’t do and your supervisor threatens to fire you, it bums you out.

Young or not so young, this isn’t fun, but there are some things we can do about it when work is just plain . . . well, work.

I look to my hubby as a great example of how to handle this scenario.

Commitment to the Job

Dave has been working at the same maintenance job for almost 30 years. Despite the fact that he has his Masters in Church Music, he gets up every morning and shows up for work at least half an hour early. He figures if he’s going to do a job, he’s going to do it well.

Not too many people would lose sleep over replacing a toilet or tearing out carpet, but my hubby’s mind works a mile a minute and he has trouble turning it off even when he heads to bed.

It isn’t that he’s a workaholic. We, his family, are his motivation.

Commitment to the Family

Sure, over the years he has applied for several jobs in the field of his first love – music. The doors, however, have not swung open. Because we had three children to raise and because we both felt it was important for me to be home with them, he has stuck with “his temporary job.”

Even now, he is committed to keep on working as long as it is necessary. And might I add, he has never resented me or the kids. Incredible!

Commitment to the Church

Since moving to St. Thomas, we have attended the same Baptist church. Dave has served as the music director to varying degrees since 1984. He has played organ and piano, led worship team and choir, prepared and transposed music, acted in dramatic presentations and helped with children’s ministry – as well as performing countless other tasks. This coming September his role will be changing, but he is still committed and will graciously take on his revised role with every bit as much commitment and dedication. It’s who he is.

Commitment to the Faith

Dave best expresses his love for the Lord through music. It’s amazing to watch. Could he have quit fixing leaky taps and snaking drains? Could he have developed a successful teaching business? Could he have pushed open the doors to a job in a church or school? Well . . . he doesn’t know for sure.

One thing he does know . . . he will do the job the Lord provides to the best of his ability – whether it’s putting a cupboard door back on its track or playing an intricate piece on the organ.

My husband is committed.

Commitment to Learning

So, what can this young woman – and others like her – learn from my hubby?

– to do whatever is at hand to the best of your ability

– look to the future when you will have a place (and maybe a family) of your own

– don’t give up on your dreams; pursue them while remaining committed to the work at hand

– keep trying the doors; you never know when one may swing wide

– discover what and who is really important to you

– realize it’s more about attitude than the job; there are people miserable in the most amazing jobs and others who are upbeat and positive in the most menial of tasks

– to maintain a positive outlook, take the time to mentally itemize the things you have to be thankful for (i.e.: sight, the ability to work, the means to pay the bills, hearing, etc.)

– even if you can’t earn a full-time living at it, don’t shelve your dreams; pursue them as you are able

What is one thing you are thankful for despite less-than-ideal work conditions?

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