Knife – Book Review

Knife Cover“You’ll be sorry.”

Yep, that was the warning a bookstore staff member gave me when he asked if I had only one of R. J. Anderson’s books.

Guess what!

He was right on the money.

Though it took me awhile to get into the book (I had a lot of other things on the go), the more I read, the more I liked it and became anxious to find out how the author would tie everything up.

Knife is written for a YA audience, but I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading fantasy – whatever their age.

I can’t say that I’ve read stories about faeries before, but I would imagine the author has come at the subject from a unique perspective.

I will say again – for the umpteenth time – that I am relationship-driven and, therefore, I enjoy stories with well-defined characters I come to care about. And Knife most certainly delivers. Even less prominent characters are well-crafted and believable.

This character development culminates in the final chapter, which is definitely my favourite. Why?

It includes . . .

– wonderful plot twists

– a farewell to characters I will truly miss

– a cathartic, believable ending

Speech Bubble

And quotes that are just too much fun . . .

“Of all the gnat-witted things to do . . .”

Followed by . . .

“I love you too, Thorn.”

“We’re wasting time . . .”

Followed by . . .

“Then do me the courtesy of not interrupting when I speak!”

“I can’t see worth a squashed berry.”

“All I know is that the dark-haired one said she’d stab my eye out if I didn’t take good care of you . . .”

“But where else will I find a faery who love me enough . . .”

Followed by . . .

“‘Not here, that’s for certain,’ came an irritable voice from below.”

“This is a fine mess of hedgehog droppings if ever I say one.”

And though not “fun,” this is such a great phrase . . .

“. . . her heart crushed between hope and misery.”


You were right, Brian; I do want to read the other books in the series.

(Read more about R.J. Anderson’s books.)

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