On the Clock

Alarm Clock

Deadlines . . . they are a very good thing.

Editing Deadlines

I have signed on to edit three manuscripts with imminent deadlines. Am I a little crazy? Maybe just a little. However, it felt incredibly good to motor through several pages yesterday. The finish line for Project #1 is in sight.

Note: I may have another project to begin this week. Maybe I am a tad more than a little crazy.

Writing Deadlines

I have four 700-word articles re: seniors’ living to write this month. I want to get at least one or two written before next Sunday.

I am a little ahead of schedule with my guest posts for Kimberley. Yay!

I am on track with my posts for Christian Editing Services.

I must, must, must get busy writing for this site and for stephbethnickel.com

Reading Deadlines

For the time being, my reading involves the Bible and grammar and writing style books.

Fitness Deadlines

I have made a declaration that I will limit my sugar intake and not eat desserts until next Saturday (I would like to limit desserts to the weekends).

I also hope to get three resistance workouts and five walks in before next weekend.

I am drinking more water and want to keep up with my new good habit.

Household Deadlines

My around-the-house goals have been shelved, but I am doing better at the day-to-day stuff.

I am participating in a challenge for wives and am keeping up with that. It’s fun to look for ways to encourage my hubby.

How about you? Do you do better with a deadline – or does it just stress you out?


2 thoughts on “On the Clock

    1. Mine has pretty much looked like a bomb has gone off for the last 30 or so years, but I do try to putter – some. My goal was to declutter the entire house this year. Now I’ll be happy if we get the worst rooms done.

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