ROW Check-In

Red Pencils


as much of the manuscript I’m working on as I receive from the first editor

the most recent post for the pro blog I am now moderating (I will also be working to improve the appearance of past posts.)

Fountain Pen Pic


1-2 seniors’ living articles

1-2 posts for SNEI

1 post for

1 post for Christian Editing Services (writing prompts)

1 post for Kimberley Payne (health and fitness)

1 post for UTCOP (prayer)

Girl on Stack of Books


Finish Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby

I also hope to read a significant amount of the newest issue of Writer’s Digest and a friend’s novel that is being re-released.



5-6 days: walk for at least 30 minutes

3-4 days: resistance training



Goal: 5-6 days out of 7

cleaning supplies pic


Daily: meal prep and dishes

Three days: something extra




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