A Fly Went By . . .


The children’s book by Mike McClintock was one of my favourites.

Book Cover (Fly Went By)

However . . .


. . . this is not one of my favourites.

Not in my kitchen.

Not landing on my arm while I’m trying to work at my computer.

Yep, they’re flitting around, driving me just a little cuckoo.

And then another scenario crossed my mind.

I thought about the pictures of impoverished communities, mothers holding their sick children, not even bothering to shoo the flies from their little ones’ faces.

And that reminded me of all the reasons I have to say . . .

Thank You 2My children are, for the most part, healthy. And when they’re not, we have access to doctors and medicine.

We have shelter from the elements . . . and most of the pests.

I have the means – or access to the means – to get rid of the flies that have made my home their own.

I am well aware that any annoyance I may have is definitely a first world problem . . . and not really worth mentioning.

My condition is not because I am any more deserving than anyone else.

It is because of God’s grace.

So does that mean He loves me more?


It means He holds me accountable to share the blessings He has poured out.

So I guess those pesky little flies aren’t so bad after all . . .

Not if they reminded me that 1) I am blessed and 2) I have the means to bless others.

Feel free to ask me if I’ve deliberately sought to be a blessing today – or any day.


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