Super Fast ROW Check-In

Child Running

My hubby and I are heading out on holidays for six days. My goals are a little inverted this week.


We will be walking/hiking lots and lots and lots. We also hope to spend a day adventuring at the Horseshoe Resort, weather permitting.


All three of my camera batteries are fully charged. I hope to take scads of photos to upload to my new photographer’s website . . . the one I will be building when we return.

I also hope to work through a significant portion of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way kit. Technically, I don’t know that this branch of art will ever prove to be income-earning, but it’s a vacationy thing to do.


Since both Dave and I like to read, we’re making it a priority to kick back and do some reading this week. My hope is to complete two (maybe three) of the books I’ve been working through.


I am taking my journal, several pens, and the Bible (the only resource I need to work on the book of devotionals I’m writing).

If anything else inspires me, I will have the means to record it . . . even though, at least for the most part, I will be unplugged. (I will either suffer severe withdrawal or find out I actually like it. :D)

Have a splendiforous week!


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