Sunday ROW80 Check-In


Top Priorities for the Coming Week

Work on compiling/editing/adding to a client’s ebook

Make suggestions to improve the book a second client is writing

Complete a final read-through of a third client’s compilation of devotionals

Complete a devotional and a children’s script for possible inclusion on a new Internet radio station (I’ll have lots more to share in the future as I’m getting in on the ground floor of this project.)

Prep for vendor display at a fundraiser I’m participating in next Saturday

Come up with at least one idea per day for a children’s picture book (I’m participating in PiBoIdMo for the third consecutive year. Yay!)

Writing Goals

Morning Pages . . . Monday-Friday (three pages of unblocking my creativity as close to first thing in the morning as possible)

– still hit and miss but had one especially great session this past week

As a participant in in OctPoWriMo, I will be writing 31 poems this month. I missed the kick-off, so I best get at it. (What a great way to get back into the habit of posting here!) Done!

I have begun compiling a file of my writing prompts and hope to make it available as an ebook.

I probably won’t have much – if any – time to work on this in the coming week.

I am also working on a book of devotionals based on the gospel of John. It’s going to take quite awhile to get it together, but I hope to make significant headway before the end of the year.

My added motivation for this project is that these devotionals may be included on the radio station I mentioned above.

I also have my ongoing projects of writing four seniors’ living articles per month and at least six guest blog posts. On target

I am bumping back my goal to compile and publish Life Through the Lens to 2015, which is just around the corner as you well know.

Editing Goals

See above

Submission/Publication Goals

I plan to submit 6-12 picture book manuscripts by the end of Round 4.

I would love to have my ebook of writing prompts available by the end of the year. Since this will be my first foray into ebook publication, we’ll see how it goes.

I’m thinking this, too, will have to wait.

Reading Goals

So, here are the novels I have on the go right now . . .

Laura Jackson’s Worth the Wait

Done … just have to write review

Rachel Phifer’s The Language of Sparrows

I’ve read a little more this past week.

Janet Sketchley’s Secrets and Lies

Puttering along (It’s a good book; I most definitely recommend it.)

Rachel Starr Thomson’s Exile

On hold for now

Cathy West’s Yesterday’s Tomorrow (rev.)

I’m making good headway.

. . . and the nonfiction books . . .

Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way

Also on hold

Kathy Ide’s Proofreading Secrets of Best-Selling Authors

I’m going to read more, really I am.

Erin MacPherson’s The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby

Sleep? Who needs sleep?

Larry and Kathy Miller’s Never Ever Be the Same

I am going to leave it on this list so I don’t forget it – not that I actually would.

Fitness Goals

I will get back to you.

Miscellaneous Goals

Say goodbye to this category.


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