November 23 ROW80 Check-In

Top Priorities for the Coming Week

Finish Scrivener tutorial and add assembled blog posts into program.

Write one or two seniors’ living articles.

Continue to edit poems as I receive them.

Write two book reviews and five devotionals for Hope Stream Radio.

Complete E.P.’s book and two or more articles.

Come up with at least one idea per day for a picture book.

Last Week’s Top Priorities

Work at least two hours per day (M-F) on the book I am helping compile/ghostwrite/edit

I’ve done some work on this project, but the top priority now is to learn Scrivener because we will be using it as we proceed.

Write at least one of the four articles on seniors’ living pieces (700 words) due at the end of the month

Looks like I’ll be writing two this coming week.

Edit poems as my client gets them to me.

~ on track

Write/tweak 5-10 devotionals and 2-4 book reviews for possible inclusion on a new Internet radio station

The devotionals have been sent off for approval. I have yet to complete the reviews.

Spend 2.5-5 hours working on assembling at least one ebook.

I will be using the devotionals in an ebook, so I sorta, kinda accomplished this goal.

Come up with at least one idea per day for a children’s picture book

I have oodles of ideas. I should have over 70 by the end of the month. Then I’ll have to start developing submittable ideas.

Develop a blog schedule for this site that I can stick with

~ still a work in progress

Complete Erin MacPherson’s The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby and read 3-5 articles published in professional journals (as part of my doula recertification requirements)

I downloaded the articles and read three. I didn’t read as much of the book as I would have liked.

Writing Goals

Morning Pages … instead of Monday-Friday, I’m thinking M, W, & F would be more doable

~ still not a regular habit

Work on ebooks … Life Through the Lens (my photographs plus inspirational quotations), Well-Versed (a collection of my poems), If You Love Me (devotionals based on the gospel of John), Just Write (collection of writing tips and prompts), and Fit Tips (I hope to have at least one close to completion by the end of the year and the others well on the way by the end of 2015.)

By ready I may or may not mean actually have it available online … since I’ve never done so before.

Blogging Goals

Write a post for my website weekly

I’ve heard it’s best to post a minimum of two times per week. I think I’ll set that as my goal, at least from now until the end of the year. (This would not include my weekly ROW80 post.)

Write a post for Monday Motivation (writing tips and prompts) and another for Kimberley Payne’s site (fitness tips)

~ on track

Publication/Research/Submission Goals

~ explore publication options for my ebooks

~ research market guide for picture book markets

~ submit at least two picture books by the end of the round

Reading Goals

I would like to complete these four books by year end.

Janet Sketchley’s Secrets and Lies

Cathy West’s Yesterday’s Tomorrow (rev.)

Erin MacPherson’s The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby

Larry and Kathy Miller’s Never Ever Be the Same 

Fitness Goals

I’m temporarily setting aside official fitness goals, but I will keep you posted on my successes.


3 thoughts on “November 23 ROW80 Check-In

  1. I also really admire the scope of your goals for their balance and commitment — and for how you’ve set priorities for the coming week AND report on those priorities for the last week. That nicely specific goal for posting on blogs 2x/week is especially useful (not counting ROW80). Happy Thanksgiving! And may all your progress continue!

  2. So many accomplishments – I love your approach to ROW80. I hope you achieved all your goals during the week. Sorry I’m a little behind I was without the internet, which made cheering from the virtual sidelines extremely difficult!

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