Goodbye, November



Top Priorities for the Coming Week

Work at least two hours per day (M, T, Th, & F) on the book I am helping compile/ghostwrite/edit

Write five or more devotionals and two book reviews for Hope Stream Radio

Visit the studio for training on Wednesday

Last Week’s Top Priorities

Finish Scrivener tutorial and add assembled blog posts into program.

Further work in Scrivener will have to wait until the new year.

Write one or two seniors’ living articles.

~ done and sent off with invoice.

Continue to edit poems as I receive them.

~ just waiting to read through the final versions of all 12 plus front and back matter

Write two book reviews and five devotionals for Hope Stream Radio.

~ five devotionals sent off, working on the next group of five

~ compiled list of books to review and began reading a book suggested by the head of HSR

Complete E.M.’s book and two or more articles.

~ set aside for this past week

Come up with at least one idea per day for a picture book.

I successfully completed Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo). I came up with ideas for over 80 books. Now to do something with said ideas … at least some of them.

Writing Goals

Write the first of four articles on seniors’ living due in December

Prep a blog schedule through the end of the year

Write two guest posts

Spend 2-4 hours working on assembling at least one ebook if I have time

Reading Goals

Complete Erin MacPherson’s The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby and read two articles published in professional journals (as part of my doula recertification requirements)

Read 20 chapters in Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (The chapters are very brief.)

Read at least two chapters in Yesterday’s Tomorrow and Secrets and Lies

Complete the chapter I’m reading in Never, Ever the Same

Miscellaneous Goals

From Christmas shopping to taking my daughter to the specialist … from having winter tires installed to buying and cooking a turkey … this is the list of goals that will keep me hopping this week.


9 thoughts on “Goodbye, November

  1. I love that you have very specific goals. I’ve always done that before, but this Round I thought I would back off, but I feel as if I have floundered. Next Round, back to those specific goals which can be checked off precisely.

    It looks as if you are checking them off nicely yourself. Good for you and best wishes for the coming week.

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