December 17 ROW Check-In

Christmas Bauble

Top Priorities for the Coming Week

Critique written and submitted

Completed this on Monday; the client was most gracious

Write two seniors’ living articles

Do the final read-through of my client’s poems

Almost done; a few pages didn’t come through, however; silly pdf file

Write one devotional for Hope Stream Radio and record five

Write one or two book reviews for HSR

Make significant headway decluttering our home. My hubby’s on holidays and I said I’d help him around the house in the afternoons.

Last Week’s Top Priorities

Work at least two hours per day (M – F) on the book I am helping compile/ghostwrite/edit

It didn’t happen because I worked on three … count ’em – three … rush jobs. (I did, however, have a very productive conversation with my client.)

Write two seniors’ living articles


Do a final read-through of my client’s book of poems

See above.

Write one devotional and one or two book reviews for Hope Stream Radio, as well as record and edit five devotionals (if this is possible with a dog in the house)

Uh, no! Please see my excuse … ahem, I mean reason … re: rush jobs.

Finish reading The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby and at least two reports from medical journals

This didn’t happen either, but I did download a number of mp3 files that qualify toward my CLD re-certification. Now to listen to said files.

Writing Goals

Write “Monday Motivation” blog post for December 22

I wonder … does writing Christmas cards count as a writing goal?

Reading Goals

Read 10-15 chapters in Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus 

Read at least two chapters in Yesterday’s Tomorrow and two in Secrets and Lies

Miscellaneous Goals

I accomplished all of last week’s miscellaneous goals.

Make two phone calls re: opportunities to partner with organizations that may want to sell the book I co-authored.

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