December 21 ROW80 Check-In

Christmas Baubles

Top Priorities for the Coming Week

Wish you all a Most Blessed Christmas. You can read my “‘Twas the Day Before Christmas” poem here.

Get the poem printed off and distributed to the church family

Spend four hours on ghostwriting project

Get gifts and cards in the mail (Yes, they’ll be late.)

Spend time with family in person and via Skype

Last Week’s Top Priorities

Write two seniors’ living articles Done … as well as a rush job for the same client

Do the final read-through of my client’s poems Done as well as an initial read-through of her picture book manuscript

Write one devotional for Hope Stream Radio and record five The plan is to write the devotional today. I’m hoping to do the recording when Poochie is on his Christmas vacation and the house is super quiet; ambient noise does not make for a good podcast.

Write one or two book reviews for HSR Hope to have these written and recorded before the end of the year

Make significant headway decluttering our home. My hubby’s on holidays and I said I’d help him around the house in the afternoons. Yeah … not so much!

Reading Goals

Spend at least an hour reading for pleasure per day

Miscellaneous Goals

Finish prepping for Christmas

Visit ROW80 peeps


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