Writers’ Blog Hop – Post 1


I will periodically be involved in Ruth L. Snyder’s blog hop. This week we are sharing our writing goals for the year ahead. Below are my writing and writing-related goals for 2015. I like to dream big and “shoot for the stars,” as they say. If you want to read a more extensive list of my goals, you can read my first post for Round 1 of A Round of Words in 80 Days.

Writing Goals

Finish ghostwriting project (This may be put on hold as my client is decluttering his schedule this year.)

Blog at least twice per week on SNEI and once on SBN (beyond ROW80 check-ins)

Guest blog at least eight times per month

Write four seniors’ living articles per month (and any other projects that come from this client)

Write and record 20 devos, two book reviews, and possibly one skit per month for Hope Stream Radio

Write 12 picture books/children’s stories

Write 12 writing contest entries

Write posts for the InScribe blog monthly and the InScribe pro blog ever six weeks or so

Write one or two pieces to submit to the InScribe anthology

Participate in at least one Camp NaNo in the summer, OctPoWriMo in October, and PiBoIdMo in November

Life Through the Lens, The Write Stuff, Fit Tips, Well-Versed, If You Love Me (ebooks I hope to publish this coming year)

Write assignments for labour doula recertification

Submission Goals

12-24 picture books manuscripts

12 writing contests

Editing Goals

As projects come, including pieces for the InScribe anthology

Marketing/Connecting Goals

Tweet twice per day (M-F)

Post to FB page daily

Post to G+weekly

Reading Goals

One fiction and one nonfiction book (or the equivalent) per month

Don’t forget to pop by Ruth L. Snyder’s site and visit the other blog hop participants.


7 thoughts on “Writers’ Blog Hop – Post 1

    1. I love aiming high, though I rarely achieve all my goals – but that’s okay.

      SNEI – Steph Nickel’s Eclectic Interests (my blog)
      SBN – wwww.stephbethnickel.com (my website)

      I say a hardy AMEN to that prayer. Thanks much, Ruth.

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