January 18 ROW80 Check-In


(I love it when this kind of shot actually works.)

Spiritual Goals

~ on track except for #3

Read through New Testament twice (and once through selected Old Testament books)

Follow through with the 1-Minute Prayer Plan

Keep Thankfulness Journal (I started this last year then fell behind … time to make a new start.)

Memorize significant portions of the Bible (work on this three or more times per week)


(The lawn isn’t green at the moment.)

Family/Household Goals

~ lots of work to do in this area, but it’s coming s-l-o-w-l-y

Read God’s Word and pray with family each night M-F

Plan NFC posts and follow through (NFC is a FB group I established for our family to keep in touch.)

Declutter the house

Plan and prep home-cooked suppers (Planning ahead is more than half the battle for me.)


(my coauthor, Deb Willows, and I)

Writing Goals

Finish ghostwriting project

~ on hold for now

Blog at least twice per week on SNEI and once on SBN

I’m developing a plan.

Guest blog at least eight times per month

I have lots of opportunities.

Write four seniors’ living articles per month (and any other projects that come through from this client)

~ pretty much on track

Write and record 20 devos, two book reviews, and possibly one skit per month for Hope Stream Radio

I have to be more diligent in this area. It’s not a habit yet.

12 picture books

12 writing contest entries

I have yet to attack these two goals.

Write posts for the InScribe blog monthly and the InScribe pro blog ever six weeks or so

~ on track

Participate in at least one Camp NaNo in the summer, OctPoWriMo in October, and PiBoIdMo in November

Life Through the Lens, The Write Stuff, Fit Tips, Well-Versed, If You Love Me (ebooks I hope to publish this coming year)

~ woke up on Friday ready to buckle down


(Paths are one of my favourite subjects. They represent so much.)

Submitting Goals

12-24 picture books manuscripts

12 writing contests (with at least the possibility of a small cash award)

I was going to leave it at <averting eyes and humming> . . . but I don’t have to. I sent off my first contest submission this past week. Hooray!

Editing Goals

~ on track

As projects come

Marketing/Connecting Goals

Tweet twice once per day

~ on track with revised goal

Post to FB page daily

~ trying to strategically back off in this regard

Post to G+weekly

~ on track


(I had the privilege of attending this little guy’s birth.)

Doula Goals

Attend 3-6 births

I have some feelers out.

Complete recert requirements

If I’m serious, I have to crack down.

Advertise more aggressively

This is not my forte.


(This is one of my favourites.)

Photography Goals

Develop a website (or add to stephbethnickel.com)

I’m leaning toward Option B.


(pic thanks to pixabay.com)

Reading Goals

One fiction and one nonfiction book (or the equivalent) per month

~ on track


(pic thanks to Sarah Grace Photography)

Personal Goals

Exercise 3-5 times per week

~ sorta, kinda (I need to step it up.)

Eat well

~ better, not “well” yet

Drink more water

~ yes, including non-caffeinated herbal tea

Go through one journal per month; decide what to keep for my kids and what to simply toss (Who knows? I might even gain some inspiration for my writing.)

~ only a little since the beginning of the year

ROW Logo

ROW80 Goals

Post weekly

Visit my peeps on Mondays and Thursdays

~ check and check


4 thoughts on “January 18 ROW80 Check-In

  1. WOW! You are a busy bee. I got tired just reading your list, though I loved the pictures. Congratulations on achieving what you have and good luck on your goals from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.

    1. Thanks for popping by, Michelle. As a visual learner and a photographer, I don’t know why I don’t include more pics.
      I do love making lists . . . though I rarely get everything checked off. 🙂
      All the very best for the rest of the week. TTFN

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