January 25 ROW80 Check-In



Spiritual Goals

~ pretty much on track except for #3

Read through New Testament twice (and once through selected Old Testament books)

Follow through with the 1-Minute Prayer Plan

Keep Thankfulness Journal (I started this last year then fell behind … time to make a new start.)

Memorize significant portions of the Bible (work on this three or more times per week)


(thinking of warmer days ahead)

Family/Household Goals

~ making progress but still a ways to go

Read God’s Word and pray with family each night M-F

Plan NFC posts and follow through (NFC is a FB group I established for our family to keep in touch.)

Declutter the house

Plan and prep home-cooked suppers (Planning ahead is more than half the battle for me.)


(me and two of my friends at The Word Awards 2014; Lisa [centre] won an award)

Writing Goals

Finish ghostwriting project

~ will be chatting with the client this week

Blog at least twice per week on SNEI and once on SBN

It’s coming!

Guest blog at least eight times per month

~ on track

Participate in Ruth Snyder’s blog hop

~ check

Write four seniors’ living articles per month (and any other projects that come through from this client)

~ plugging along

Write and record 20 devotionals and two book reviews and possibly one skit per month for HopeStreamRadio

I want to get nine devotionals written and recorded this coming week.

12 picture books

~ learning about publishing Kindle e-Picture Books

12 writing contest entries

I’ve entered a contest this month.

Write posts for the InScribe blog monthly and the InScribe pro blog ever six weeks or so

~ on track

Participate in at least one Camp NaNo in the summer, OctPoWriMo in October, and PiBoIdMo in November

Life Through the Lens, The Write Stuff, Fit Tips, Well-Versed, If You Love Me (ebooks I hope to publish this coming year)

Stairs in Woods

(pic thanks to pixabay.com)

Submitting Goals

12-24 picture books manuscripts

12 writing contests (with at least the possibility of a small cash award)

I entered a contest and submitted a filler (yay!) ~ neither involves payment, however.

Editing/Critiquing Goals

~ on track

Marketing/Connecting Goals

Tweet twice once per day

~ on track with revised goal

Post to FB page daily

~ trying to strategically back off in this regard; doing pretty well

Post to G+weekly

~ on track


(another of the wee one’s whose birth I attended)

Doula Goals

Attend 3-6 births

I have some feelers out.

Complete recert requirements

I’m not sure how I can get this done in time, but I haven’t given up on the idea.

Advertise more aggressive

Marketing is not my strength.


(the house where I grew up)

Photography Goals

Develop a website (or add to stephbethnickel.com)

I’m thinking sometime after the middle of June.


(lovely place to sit and read)

Reading Goals

One fiction and one nonfiction book (or the equivalent) per month

~ probably a little ahead of schedule


(pic thanks to Sarah Grace Photography)

Personal Goals

Exercise 3-5 times per week

~ gotta get at it

Eat well

It’s coming.

Drink more water

~ yes, including non-caffeinated herbal tea

Go through one journal per month; decide what to keep for my kids and what to simply toss (Who knows? I might even gain some inspiration for my writing.)

~ gotta crack down here

ROW Logo

ROW80 Goals

Post weekly

Visit my peeps on Mondays and Thursdays

~ pretty much

9 thoughts on “January 25 ROW80 Check-In

  1. Very good, Steph! I think you’re doing great!

    One of the things I’ve done to help with the Bible reading is I bought Word of Promise, which is an audio Bible. It’s New King James version, which is a reliable translation. (I’ll only read King James, New King James, or American Standard.) It has different actors reading different parts, and it makes it come to life. I can listen while I’m getting ready for work or other times I’m doing “mindless” things.

    Good luck this week!

    1. Our church subscribed to Right Now Media and for a while, I was listening to recordings regularly. I really should get back to it. Though I’m a visual learner, I was still benefiting from listening to the teachings.

  2. I’m loving those gorgeous baby pics! Since I’m all done people-making, they give me that little new-person thrill vicariously…

    You’re moving along. You’ve still got a lot of year to go, and you’re making good progress. Hooray! (and you’ve reminded me that I forgot to do my visits in the flurry of five posts, a book, and three fiction projects in the last two days…).

    I’ll get on that before I sleep!

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