More Photos and Another ROW80 Check-In


Keep up with writing and recording for HopeStreamRadio

Pretty much on track again


Prepare for the Creative Nonfiction Intensive I am co-teaching

I’m well on the way.


Work on the anthology I am helping put together

I’m getting very near the end of my responsibilities.


Keep up with my current blogging schedule

I would like to work ahead a little.


Finish reading the 10 research papers and mail my doula recertification package.

I mailed off the completed package this past week. I trust everything’s in order.

I didn’t need an extension. Woohoo!


Do some work around the house.

Making some serious headway sounds like a great summer project.


Exercise more and eat better

It was very encouraging to get a thumbs-up from the doctor at my physical.

Still, I want to develop healthy habits.


Visit my fellow ROWers.

Keeping up pretty well this round

American Flag

Happy Memorial Day to all my American friends

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