Exciting News and ROW80 Check-In


As most of you know, I had the incredible honour of coauthoring Deb Willows’ memoir, Living Beyond My Circumstances.

Well, we were thrilled when it won first place in the Life Stories category of The Word Awards. The award was presented at the gala on June 13, 2015, after the wind-up of the Write Canada conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Deb’s declaration that if it wasn’t for Jesus Christ nothing else would matter brought the crowd to its feet … and tears to my eyes.

You can read the entire list of winners on The Word Guild website. Congratulations to all those who were shortlisted (that in itself was surreal) and all those who won in their category.

ROW LogoPrep for Camp NaNo

I’m a cabin admin this time round. Bring on the virtual s’mores.

Keep up with writing and recording for HopeStreamRadio

I should write, record, and upload two devotionals a day whenever possible.

Keep on schedule with work for my clients

You may have to toss me a life preserver. I have three major projects on the go, one due to arrive at any time, and another two in the planning stage.

Keep up with my current blogging schedule

I’ve tweaked this site and my Steph Beth Nickel website. (I’m debating about changing this one because of the font size, but that will have to wait.)

Start a newsletter

Why, yes … yes, I do want to start a newsletter this month, to be published every other week. (If you’re interested in signing up, just let me know.)

Clean, organize, and declutter some

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Raise fitness level

I’ll try to walk more, drink more water, and eat fairly well. Additional goals will have to go on hold.

Last but not least . . .

Serve as Round 3 sponsor


18 thoughts on “Exciting News and ROW80 Check-In

  1. Wow, Steph! Big news, big accomplishment, and a chuckle or two. Happy cabin–making! You just reminded me to check to see if my local NaNo peeps have a cabin set up yet.

    I hope, with all the activity, you’re also taking time to bask in your accomplishment! =)

  2. Barbara

    I know it’s rather late Stephanie, but I wanted to add my congratulation to you & Deb for winning. So exciting! Wish I’d been able to make the last meeting and hear all about it.

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