Farewell ROW80 Round 2

Sunset on Round 2

Below is the post listing my plans for Round 2 and my comments about how I did.

This round, I plan to keep it simple. I’d forgotten that was the plan.

~ write 30,000 words as per my Camp NaNoWriMo (linked) goal (blew this one out of the water and signed up for Camp NaNo again in July)

~ blog more (sorta, kinda)

~ keep up with writing and recording for HopeStreamRadio (linked) (keeping on track; would like to start working ahead consistently)

~ keep on schedule with work for my clients (did okay)

~ finish prepping to co-teach a Creative Nonfiction Intensive at Write Canada (It was great. I really enjoyed it and hope the participants did too.)

~ do the reading to maintain my doula certification (I was able to get this done before the writers’ conference and submit the required paperwork without paying for an extension. I’m good for another three years. Woohoo!)

~ exercise more (not enough to mention)

~ eat better <averts eyes and hums>

~ check in with my fellow ROWers regularly (did pretty well with this goal)

How about you? Did you achieve your goals for Round 2 of A Round of Words in 80 Days (linked)?


12 thoughts on “Farewell ROW80 Round 2

  1. “I’d forgotten that was the plan.”
    Heh. My first post this round had, like, three goals. How did I end up trying to go down so many paths!

    Sounds like you had a great round! Best of luck on July’s Camp Nano!

    1. I like to go back to my original post from each round to see how I did and just how far I deviated from the path. I usually end up darting off here and there a lot, but that’s okay . . . as long as I get the most important things done each round. Thanks so much for stopping by, Katherine.

  2. You did very well. On the exercise and eating better, I feel you. Been having a really hard time as of late. Maybe starting fresh with Round 3 will help both of us.

    I made most of my goals. It wasn’t perfect or complete, but I got a lot done and that’s what counts. 🙂

  3. Looks like you did a great job meeting your goals. I am excited to try again with Camp NaNo in July. Congrats on maintaining your Doula certification. They are so important. Good luck from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.

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