First Sunday Check-In of Round 3

Fountain PenWriting Goals

~ 50,000 words, including 10,000 of fiction, during Camp NaNoWriMo in July

I’ve already changed this goal. It’s too easy to cheat when I’d be writing 40,000 of those 50,00 words anyway. I’ve cut back to 10,000 and they all have to be fiction for the win.

~ HopeStreamRadio contributions

I’m on track, but I’d like to get several uploaded in advance so I don’t have to be concerned when I’m out of the office.

~ weekly posts for my website (some will be recycled works)

Recycling it is.

~ guest posts

I’m on track with this as well.

Editing Goals

~ keep up with my clients’ work

I’m motoring along. Busy is good as long as I keep my focus on the project I’m working on and keep my mind in the game.

Reading Goals

~ finish most, if not all, of the six books I’m currently reading (Desperate Measures by Sandra Orchard, My Life A.S. Is by Benjamin Collier, Once Upon a Sandbox by Carolyn Wilker, Starla by Dorene Meyer, The Convict’s Thumbprint by Beverley Boissery, and The Life Ready Woman by Shaunti Feldhahn and Robert Lewis); because I loaded my Kindle (see below), I’ve added The Language of Sparrows by Rachel Phifer to the list

I’ve finished Starla and also Never Say Never to God by Nell Maxwell.

~ load my new Kindle when it arrives (Now, I won’t have to read those 500+ volumes at my computer. Woohoo!)

I’ve loaded more than 110 books, enough to keep me going for a l-o-n-g time.

Sponsor Goals

~ visit my ROW80 peeps once or twice per week except when I’m in the UK

I’m on track so far.

Fitness Goals

~ walk from 3-5x per week (break in my hiking boots)

Now that my cold has taken a hike, I hope to do the same. (tee hee)

~ resistance training 2-3x per week

I’ve been doing some bodyweight exercises but must get serious about lifting weights.

~ eat better (hoping to get to the local farmers’ market weekly)

I’ve gotten to the market a couple of times. Having fresh produce in the house helps loads.

~ drink more water

I’m doing okay as long as I keep water with me.

So, how about you? How’s it going, my fellow ROWers?


2 thoughts on “First Sunday Check-In of Round 3

    1. I thought I’d responded to your question, Amy, but it looks like I haven’t. My apologies. I would typically be writing approximately 30,000-40,000 words this month anyway, but I have been neglecting my fiction. Therefore, I thought if I dropped the goal to 10,000 words, I would only count progress on the long-neglected story I have bopping around in my head. 🙂

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