Sunshine for Rainy Days


Walking in the Rain

This was first published on Kimberley Payne’s blog.

Unlike some people I find the rain peaceful and soothing. However, it can put a damper (pardon the pun) on physical activity and other essentials of life.

Here are some fun tips for the four areas Kimberley covers here and on her podcast, where she calls it “the BEEP round”:

Bible Study

Summertime is a wonderful time to take your Bible and journal and head to a quiet corner of your backyard or a local park. Free from day-to-day distractions, you can really dig into God’s Word while enjoying His creation.

But . . .

You may think that’s not practical when it is raining out. Our local parks have shelters with picnic tables. Why not gather your things and head to the park anyway? You can still enjoy creation and you’ll probably also enjoy privacy, considering the weather.
Of course, this may not be practical if the rain is accompanied by high winds, but it’s something to consider.


What a great time of year to get out and walk more! My hubby and I are hoping to get to a local provincial park soon and get our hiking boots broken in for our trip to the UK in September. And now that I know where they cut into my ankles, I can be appropriately prepared. If it rains, we’ll probably forgo the trip to the park, but that doesn’t mean we have to veg for the day.

When it rains, there are several options:

Some arenas have indoor walking tracks. I’ve visited our local track often.

Many gyms offer free day passes to check out their facilities. That’s a great option for a rainy day. You just may discover that you want to sign up.

Why not unwrap that new exercise DVD you’ve been promising to pop in? If you have the room, it can be lots of fun to follow along with an exercise buddy. Even the laughter that can ensue when you just can’t get coordinated is good for you.

And if you’re made of tough stuff . . .

Pull on your raincoat and rain boots and go splash in the puddles. Who says you can’t walk in the rain . . . or sing . . . or dance?

Eating Healthy

It’s that time of year again . . . roadside fruit and vegetable stands, farmers’ markets, etc.

I admit I didn’t go to our local farmers’ market a couple of weeks ago because of the weather, but I had a great time last week. And yes, it was sunny.

However, now that worship team practice doesn’t start until 9:30 instead of 9:00, I can get to the market and still have lots of time to spare—at least enough. There are displays inside. Plus, those that are outside are under shelter. There’s no reason for me to allow the rain to keep me away.

Farm fresh produce is one of my favourite things about the season. Just having it in my house makes me want to eat healthy.


While you may not think the weather affects your prayer life, if a gloomy day affects your mood, it may affect the tone of your prayers as well. Why not “run with it,” as it were?

If you feel down and draggy, why not pray for those who are going through a difficult time, those who struggle with depression, those who have little to smile about even on sunny days?

Most of us don’t live in areas that experience flood conditions and landslides, but rainy days can be a reminder to pray for those who do.

And when the rain doesn’t let up, why not use Bible stories that speak of the rain (everything from Noah’s ark to the promised latter rains) as springboards for your prayers.

So today, if it’s raining where you are, why not implement one or more of these suggestions? What do you do on rainy days to stay healthy?

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