Anniversary Countdown

IMG_9554See this guy? Well, as of 3:00 (or so) August 7, we will have been married 33 years.

To some of you that may seem like a very long time, but in some ways, it has gone by very quickly.

This year I thought I’d do a countdown of 33 reasons I’m glad to call Dave my hubby.

I’m so glad you’re mine, Mr. Nickel.

33. I knew from the time we first met that you’d always treat me like royalty . . . and you have.

32. You are the most patient person I have ever known. Thank you for the many, many, many, many times you’ve been patient with me.

31. You are an incredible listener. (And anyone who knows me knows that’s absolutely necessary.)

30. You’ve made me laugh so many times . . . even when I wanted to be mad at you.

29. You give a whole new meaning to the word hardworking.

28. If it needs to be done, you do it. You don’t consider any task “beneath you.”

27. You are my #1 fan.

26. You have never made me feel bad about pursuing my dreams . . . even when yours haven’t come to be.

25. You took on multiple jobs so I could stay home with our munchkins.

24. When our kiddiddles were young and I struggled with anger, you never gave up on me. (“Where” changed to “were” because of the keen eye of a dear, young friend. Thanks for looking out for me, my friend.)

23. And speaking of our three, you’ve always set such a good example for them.

22. You quietly and capably go about doing the task at hand without demanding your own way.

21. You respect and support those in leadership.

20. You truly see things from a variety of perspectives. I’ve often said you should have been a diplomat.

19. You enjoy helping with children’s ministry at church and watching CG movies ‘cuz you’re a big kid at heart. (I don’t think I’ll ever consider you “old.”)

18.  Music notes are to you what words are to me.

17. You love watching your music students master a piece they’ve been struggling with.

16. You would rather they grew to love music than played perfectly.

15. You’ll watch a sappy movie with me . . . and there may even be a tear in your eye when they’re streaming down my face.

14. You don’t mind that I don’t share your love of documentaries and don’t complain when I leave you to watch them on your own.

13. You read. Now, that may not sound like a big deal, but so many of my writer friends don’t have spouses who enjoy reading. I’m glad you do.

12. You go hither, tither, and yon to meet up with people I know, people I’ve made contact with . . . and that’s a big deal for a card-carrying introvert.

11. Every decade or so you might grumble a wee bit.

10. You made sure I had a single rose on my desk when we were engaged and now you plant and tend beautiful flower gardens around our home.

9. You are dedicated and committed to whatever project you take on.

8. You appreciate my efforts . . . no matter how small.

7. You always thank God for our supper “and the one who prepared it” . . . even when it required minimal effort on my part.

6. You are most willing to barbeque even after a hard day’s work

5. When Son #2 headed off for college, you said, “Of course I’m going to miss him.” (It was a little more obvious with this teary mama bear.)

4. You were thrilled when our crew surprised you by coming home for your 60th.

3.  Though you are uncertain about flying across the ocean, we will soon be winging our way to Scotland for our eldest’s wedding.

2. You are excited about our room-by-room redecorating/decluttering project. (The front room looks, by the way.)

And definitely the #1 reason I’m glad you’re mine . . .

From eternity past, God planned for us to be together.


5 thoughts on “Anniversary Countdown

  1. Pam

    Quite the list – many varied reasons. I enjoyed going through it and I even have a few more reasons to appreciate my own husband now. Thanks Steph!

  2. This was so beautiful! I really love seeing this kind of dedication to each other after so many years, especially these days when people treat marriage as something temporary. Marriage is supposed to last a lifetime.

    Hubby and I will celebrate OUR 33 years on September 4th! 🙂

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