True Beauty and Healthy Living

I’ve decided to choose weekly themes for my posts on Facebook and Twitter and this week’s theme is true beauty.

I don’t think it has anything to do with physical appearance. And I certainly don’t believe our innate worth as human beings has anything to do with what we weigh, how shiny our hair, or how blemish-free our skin.

But truth be told, I would like to lose 25 pounds and have a flat stomach in addition to toned arms and legs. I almost feel hypocritical focusing on my appearance.

But that can’t be my excuse for not eating well and exercising regularly. After all, doing so has countless benefits.

Among them . . .

1. gain a more positive outlook

2. gain increased energy

3. develop the ability to think more clearly

4. develop the ability to work more efficiently

5. increase cardiovascular capacity (heart and lungs)

6. develop the ability to fend off disease

7. minimize the pain of arthritis (and aging)

8. get a more restful sleep

9. gain energy to keep up with our kids and grandkids

10. improve self-image (even before we start to see physical changes)

11. increase desire to make healthy choices

And last, if we exercise regularly and eat well, we will naturally discover our ideal weight and we won’t have to concern ourselves with the numbers on the scale.

Granted, these are not guaranteed results. Each of us is unique with different physical considerations, but if we can experience even one or two of these results, it should motivate us to get active and make healthy food choices.


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