Poem + ROW80 Check-In

It seemed fitting to share this poem, which I first posted on free2soar October 27, 2011 . . . 

Fly high

Above the earth

Wings spread to their full width

To catch the uplifting currents


Writing Goals

~ HopeStreamRadio contributions

If I write, edit, and upload two devotionals a day (M-F) and two book reviews, I will be far enough ahead that I can get back to a regular schedule when I return from holidays.

~ weekly posts for my website

I really must do better.

~ guest posts

On schedule

~ work on the novel that has been brewing for quite some time or possibly start a new project

I bought a new notebook and some pens to take on the plane. So between reading, writing, and napping, the six hours there and the seven hours back is planned.


~ write a poem for my son and future DIL

Editing Goals

~ keep up with my clients’ work

I’ve gotten more done than I thought on a major project. Hopefully, I’ll get the first edit of one more chapter done before we go.

I should also scan another client’s project and email a third.

Reading Goals

I’m looking forward to reading (and writing) while I’m flying over the Atlantic in September. I don’t think I’ll get much pleasure reading done before then.

I have done a little though and that’s good.

Sponsor Goals

~ visit my ROW80 peeps once or twice per week except when I’m in the UK

I’ll only miss three check-ins while I’m away. Don’t miss me too much. 🙂

Fitness Goals

I began a new resistance program and am enjoying it. The more I do, the more I want to do. I have been walking with my hubby but haven’t gotten out for another hike. 

This week’s goals . . .

~ hike 2-3 times

~ walk 3-5 times in the evening with my hubby

~ low-key cardio and resistance training 5x

~ eat well

~ drink lots of water


6 thoughts on “Poem + ROW80 Check-In

  1. Love the poem. I definitely feel that much as be said in a poem that can’t always be said verbally or even in a story. There’s the word play, the simile/metaphor route, and the multitudes of poetic forms you can use. So many ways to say it! So, I am rambling a bit. I do love poetry.

    When are you leaving and are you getting excited or will it hit once you are on the plane? Have an awesome week, Steph!!

    1. Thanks, Cindy. Poetry is, indeed, a great way to communicate. As far as getting excited goes, I think it’s starting to dawn on me just how soon we’re flying out. I do, however, have some things I want to get done before then and I’m focussing on those for the time being. 🙂

  2. I love the poem. Thanks for sharing it!

    Your trip plans are so exciting! New notebook and pens and things to read as you fly–it sounds dreamy!

    Sounds like you’re making progress on goals, too, so yay! Have a great week!

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