7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers

7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers“What would you think about participating in the development of a second InScribe anthology?”

And so it began . . .

It has been my privilege to belong to InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship for just over two years. I have become increasingly involved and now moderate the professional blog and write for both it and “InScribe Writers Online,” the organization’s second blog.

I didn’t know how much time I could devote to working on the anthology, but one thing led to another—as it often does, and I worked alongside a great group of fellow creatives to bring the book from concept to completed work.

Potential contributors submitted fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. The selection committee carefully chose which pieces to include, and the editorial team worked with the 28 writers to polish their work.

And just what are the seven essential habits of Christian writers? The 45 pieces appear under the following headings: Time with God, Healthy Living, Time Management, Honing Writing Skills, Crafting a Masterpiece, Submitting Your Work, and Marketing.

My short story “It’s Done—Or Is It?” appears in the “Honing Writing Skills” section, and my poem “To Market, To Market” appears in the last section, “Marketing.” A couple of my photographs appear in the book as well.

There is a lot of talk about the writer’s voice and this volume is an excellent example of how varied and unique that voice can be. From lighthearted, whimsical poems to those that are deep and serious. From anecdotal pieces to those that are more instructional. From stories that make you chuckle to those that may make you tear up. Each one is reflective of its writer.

And as it says on the cover copy . . .

“There comes a time when every writer must develop the gentle art of discipline—establishing certain practices, or habits, that make it easier to carry out the right and good thing.”

7 Essential Habits is not so much a detailed how-to book (there are hundreds of those on the market) as a source of encouragement, inspiration, and insight. You can download an e-copy of 7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers from Amazon.

Physical copies are available from several of the contributing writers.

This portion of Sharon Cavers’ poem beautifully expresses our desire for the book: “May our prose evoke emotion / And our poetry amuse, / May everything we write / In the reader faith infuse.”

You’re invited to check out what these other contributors have to say about 7 Essential Habits:


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