Colour Me Cooperative

Doorknocker on Red DoorHave you ever seen anything more inviting

than a red door?

It invites you to come in

only after you’ve stood and admired it

a very long time.

But it turns out

not everyone feels that way.

In fact

I’m married to one such person.

“How can you not love

a red door?”

“It would make me angry,”

he says as he makes strange “angry noises.”

Red DoorI sigh



No red door.

What colour door do you want?”

“Natural wood brown.”


So I guess it’s no red door for me.

But no brown one either.

We will compromise.

We will cooperate.

Hey, at least I got my red curtains

in our freshly redecorated front room.

Today’s OctPoWriMo prompt was “Color Me Good.” I couldn’t help but think of a conversation my hubby and I had when we went for our walk last night. We passed at least two amazing red doors, but alas, he was not impressed. 

What colour do you think we should paint our front door? (We live in a red brick house, by the way.)


21 thoughts on “Colour Me Cooperative

  1. Sweet poem… and I’m with you on the red door… there’s something inviting about it. I’m always drawn to them. Terra cotta, like the color of a clay pot is also a welcoming color, though not as vivid as red. Maybe your husband will change his mind. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the suggestion, Steph. I’m not sure about the front door, but I think we’re going to paint our kitchen terra cotta. I much prefer it to the traditional yellow … or the nondescript colour that is now on our walls.

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