Action Faith

Today’s OctPoWriMo challenge was to write a blitz poem about taking risks. It was a stretch, but I enjoyed it. I hope you do too.

IMG_9911Faith revealing
Faith proclaiming

Proclaiming truth
Proclaiming love

Love unchanging
Love unending

Unending hope
Unending promise

Promise calling
Promise wooing

Wooing confidence
Wooing belief

IMG_9871Belief declaring
Belief soaring

Soaring commitment
Soaring realization

Realization awakening
Realization compelling

Compelling action
Compelling obedience

Obedience blossoming
Obedience increasing

Increasing determination
Increasing trust

IMG_0713Trust deepening
Trust inspiring

Inspiring words
Inspiring deeds

Deeds helping
Deeds teaching

Teaching revelation
Teaching insight

Insight accepting
Insight announcing

Announcing plans
Announcing purposes

IMG_0374Purposes accepting
Purposes embracing

Embracing opportunities
Embracing challenges

Challenges recognizing
Challenges mounting

Mounting anticipation
Mounting excitement

Excitement propelling
Excitement compelling

Compelling faith
Compelling action


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