Wild Dreams—for Him

IMG_1422 (1)


Wild dreams . . .

What shall I do?

Where shall I go? With whom?

So many possibilities . . .

Must choose.



Go away with him

Explore his fav’rite places

See hubby refreshed

Today’s OctPoWriMo prompt read like this: “Imagine if today was the day where you could do anything you wanted. . . . What would you do? What is your wildest dream for you one day? Tell us all about it!”

Poem 2 is my answer to Poem 1. Thank you for visiting today. Why not pop by the OctPoWriMo site and read what the other poets have written as well?


8 thoughts on “Wild Dreams—for Him

  1. I like the question and answer.
    I felt a bit like that at first, and almost answered something along those lines (to spend the day with my lover, see what he wants, get to know him…). But then, words took me somewhere else 🙂

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