A Year of Surprises

Today’s poem is based (loosely) on the OctPoWriMo prompt for Day 18: “We’re going to add a little mystery to our lives. Look around you, whether it’s a physical object or people in general in your life. Chose something or someone and give them a double life.”

Season Symbols

Things are seldom as they seem . . .


Beautiful, billowy clouds

Secretly conspire to rain on our parade

(Because they don’t know cliches are bad).


That gentle, cooling breeze

Has plans to steal our plates and cups

As soon as we turn our back

(And we thought ants might ruin our picnic).


The still-warm sunshine of autumn

Giggles to itself, knowing snow (gasp) is coming

(And in October no less).


The bright, gorgeous day right outside our window

Will send a biting chill right through us

As soon as we step out the door

(Winter in the northern hemisphere).


But surprise!

I wouldn’t want it any other way.


How about you? In general, do you love the changing seasons?


6 thoughts on “A Year of Surprises

  1. I DO love the changing seasons, and miss them desperately, here in the Southern Nevada desert. Though we might get some rain today, which would be a nice change…and the heat perhaps has finally broken.

    I love this, especially the idea of sunshine giggling. 🙂

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