Dear Family

From Monday’s prompt, a poetic form developed by our OctPoWriMo prompter.

Here goes . . . 

Family Silhouette

Dear Dad, nature lover, my own love for creation blossomed too late to share it with you. Sadly.

Dear Mom, sounding board, my desire to share life’s highs and lows with you remains. Unendingly.

Dear Dad Nickel, tireless helper, how I wish I’d told you how much I admired you. Deeply.

Dear Mom Nickel, gracious lady, may I always hold things as loosely and loved ones as tightly as you do. Contentedly.

Dear Bro, unique independent, our outlooks on life and relationships differ greatly, but we are blood. Unquestioningly.

Dear Sis, loving nurturer, you always put family first and I have much to learn from you. Definitely.

Dear Dave, steadfast provider, your love and commitment never cease to amaze me. Immensely.

Dear Nathanial, beloved firstborn, you’re thousands of miles away but never far from my heart. Absolutely.

Dear Laura, newest addition, you are appreciated and admired for so many reasons. Warmly.

Dear Joshua, cherished sonshine, may each of your multi-faceted interests sparkle and shine. Brilliantly.

Dear Sarah, treasured daughter, the possibilities are almost endless; stretch your wings and fly. Courageously.

Dear Family, I’ve named only a few, but I pray God’s love poured out on each of you and His plans and purposes fulfilled. Blessings.


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