Liar, Liar

Today’s OctPoWriMo Prompt: Have you ever played the game: Two Lies and a Truth? That’s when you tell someone two things that are a lie and one thing that is the truth. And through that the person has to guess which is the truth. Let’s try to play a game with our poetry today. In today’s poem, let’s put the focus directly on us. For some of us- myself included- it’s preferable to write about others. This time around, let’s tell each other two lies and one truth. Whether they’re ridiculous, mundane, shocking, or interesting tidbits, weave them together so we cant’ tell the difference. You can decide on your post whether you want people to guess the truth or just tell them.

Surprised Monkey

Lie to you, the prompter said,
But hide the truth in lies,
Keep you guessing to the end,
There you’ll find surprise.

Weave the true among the false,
A tapestry so grand,
You’ll never guess just which is which,
I won’t expose my hand.

So are you ready for this game,
This game of truth and lies,
Can you guess just what is false
And which of these applies?

Cleaning, mopping, vacuuming
Is such a pleasant task,
Why yes, I do enjoy the work,
If anyone should ask.

I knew it from the day we met,
That we were meant to be,
Like a real life fairy tale,
My prince you were to me.

Dreaded reptiles make me cringe,
Their beady, little eyes,
Their scaly, nasty, icky skin,
Their silence, I despise.

Can you tell which one is true
Or are you guessing still?
I think tomorrow I will tell,
Why yes, I think I will.

19 thoughts on “Liar, Liar

  1. I love your entry! Much more elaborate than mine 😉
    It’s funny, because the first thing that grabbed my attention when I entered your blog today was the headline “confessions of a horrible housekeeper” (I noticed it because I thought “Hey, someone like me!” 😉 )
    So I’ll guess the mopping part is a lie. And I’ll guess the third one is a truth, but I could be wrong 🙂
    Anyways: Wonderfully written! 🙂

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