Family Acrostic Plus

Today’s OctPoWriMo Prompt: “Today I’m thinking about the greatness and smallness of things in comparison to each other. Also about how small things fit as pieces to a whole.”

Fathers, mothers, daughters, sons

Aunts and uncles, cousins too

Many members, each unique

Intertwining life and love

Laughter, tears, and hugs so rich

You, my fam’ly, fill my heart


The Great Reveal . . . well, maybe not “great,” but at least now you know which is true. (Yesterday we were challenged to write one truth and two lies about ourselves.)

I used to write “Confessions of a Horrible Housekeeper” and still could, trust me, but since taking on the custodial responsibilities at our church with my hubby, I have come to discover I can actually enjoy cleaning. Who knew?

Lie to you, the prompter said,
But hide the truth in lies,
Keep you guessing to the end,
There you’ll find surprise.

Weave the true among the false,
A tapestry so grand,
You’ll never guess just which is which,
I won’t expose my hand.

So are you ready for this game,
This game of truth and lies,
Can you guess just what is false
And which of these applies?

Cleaning, mopping, vacuuming
Is such a pleasant task,
Why yes, I do enjoy the work,
If anyone should ask.

I knew it from the day we met,
That we were meant to be,
Like a real life fairy tale,
My prince you were to me.

Dreaded reptiles make me cringe,
Their beady, little eyes,
Their scaly, nasty, icky skin,
Their silence, I despise.

Can you tell which one is true
Or are you guessing still?
I think tomorrow I will tell,
Why yes, I think I will.


25 thoughts on “Family Acrostic Plus

  1. Perhaps if it were more fun, I’d enjoy cleaning more!
    I enjoyed the one about your family. I’m lucky to have a pretty close family. My dad died when I was 15, but he’s still with me, watching over me.

    poetryofthenetherworld dot blogspot dot com

    1. I admit I finally jumped on the MP3 bandwagon. I can now listen to music I enjoy while I clean. Upbeat music can add a bounce to my cleaning step. 🙂
      Family is so important . . . even those who are no longer with us. They really are in our heart for the long haul. I would still love to share life’s ups and downs with my mom. Almost five years later, she would be my first phone call if she was this side of heaven.

  2. Loved your poems .. the acrostic, my favourite form, was really great … as for cleaning … a while back I did some volunteer cleaning for a couple of years at our library … I used to listen to audio books and detective stories from the Internet Archives in mp3 … and had a great time!

      1. I like to take notes as I’m listening to teaching, but I could listen to a novel. As a visual learner who loves physical books, I haven’t given too much thought to audiobooks. But since I’ve been listening to hours and hours of teaching recently, I just may reconsider. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Love the family acrostic. Part of me always jumps back to grade school acrostic poems, but the more I see them from other writers, the more I think they have great potential for cleverness.

    Love the truths and a lie poem (I bailed on that one!). I don’t love cleaning and am happy to put it off as long as possible. However. Once I get going, I find it very satisfying.

    Great stuff!

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa. You’re right; acrostics do seem juvenile unless we read some “grown-up” versions.
      I feel exactly the same about housework as you do. I find it easier to motor along with the custodial responsibilities because that’s what we’ve been hired to do. 🙂

    1. I love having cleaned and I like to keep going once I’ve begun. Around the house, getting started is still the real issue. Plus, I can get snarky when I clean, not good. But when it comes to custodial responsibilities, it helps to focus on those who will use the facility. Makes me want to do it for them.

  4. I love your truth and lies poem. I had so much trouble trying to find the right way, but you made it look so effortless. Well done. Also, your acrostic is lovely. Sweet and truth.

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