There Be Faeries Here

IMG_1663 (1)

Sitting on a mossy log
Gazing through the trees
Certainly I knew there were
Songs upon the breeze

Those songs so light and airy
Whispers all around
Speaking of another world
Waiting to be found

With life and love and laughter
Just beyond my gaze
These tiny little creatures
Go about their days

Each spring and summer easy
Warmth and sunlight sweet
But then comes colder weather
Does it bring defeat

Do songs and whispers falter
Crying then ensue
Do pain and heartache conquer
Sorrow then pursue

But they must be resilient
Sing through winter’s cold
They’re evermore courageous
Strong and brave and bold

Then understanding flickers
Know I have drawn near
The singing and the whispers
There be faeries here

Today’s OctPoWriMo prompt suggests we write a story poem inspired by a photograph. I took this shot while in Scotland, and I know faeries live in this moss-covered forest. Well, at least they live in my imagination. 

Don’t forget to check out the OctPo linky at the bottom of each day’s entry and visit other poets as well.


10 thoughts on “There Be Faeries Here

      1. I can see how your imagination could come up with all kinds of interesting stories there. I love fairies…I even made a fairy house to attract them. 🙂

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