Last October ROW80 Check-In

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The end of the year is just around the corner, but for now, this week’s goals . . . 


Learning Goals

Last week I signed up for COMPEL Training. I dove right into the teaching and have listened to several hours already. I have completed COMPEL 101, 201, and 301. I’ll have to put this on hold while I’m away this week. I may suffer withdrawal. (grin)

Spiritual Goals

~ begin each day with prayer and Bible study (The habit is coming along.)

Writing Goals

~ participate in OctPoWriMo (Since I’m heading out of town on Wednesday, I’ll have to work ahead to get my 31 poems written before month’s end.) 

~ five three devotionals per week for HopeStreamRadio (I really want to get into the habit of writing and recording these early in the week.)

~ weekly posts for my website (This will be the last week I repost my favourite poem from the previous week, but I may still nab something from my blog each week.)

~ guest posts for Christian Editing Services, Kimberley Payne, InScribe, Janet Sketchley, and InScribe Professional Blog (October post written for Janet; November posts written for CES and Kimberley; on track with the others as well)

Editing Goals

~ keep up with my clients’ work (I need to push myself a little harder in this area.)

Reading Goals

~ read fiction books 3x per week (for a total of 1.5-3 hours) (I’ve completed Sandra Orchard’s Desperate Measures and am now focused on Janet Sketchley’s Without Proof.)

~ read nonfiction books 3x per week (for a total of 1.5-3 hours) (I haven’t read a lot of nonfiction lately, but I have been listening to hours of training re: writing.)

ROW80 Sponsor Goals

~ visit my ROW80 peeps once or twice per week (I will visit my peeps on Monday, but I’ll miss checking in on Wednesday.)

Creativity Goals

~ take 1-2 photo walks per month (two or three this month so far)

~ paint 1x per month (not gonna happen this month)

~ add decorative touches as we redecorate each room (kinda, sorta on hold)

Fitness Goals

~ walk 15-30 minutes each weekday morning (more than 30 minute most days)

~ walk with hubby 3-5x per week while the weather is good (Our custodial responsibilities constitute our exercise each weeknight. We have been doing some Wii Fit Plus as well.)

~ resistance training 2-3x per week (I incorporated this with my walk one day this past week and will likely do so once or twice a week from now on.)

~ eat well 5-6 days per week (This is still my desire, but I think I just have to start trying new recipes to get me motivated. Autumn is a great season to try new soups and stews.)

~ drink more water (incl. caffeine free herbal teas) (needs work)


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