The Ultimate Happy Ending

Thanks so much for stopping by. Today’s OctPoWriMo prompt refers to happy endings and whimsy. While my first poem is about the ultimate happy ending, it is not whimsical. So today’s second poem will be. That way I can cover both prompts—but separately. (Don’t forget to pop by OctPo and check out some of the other participants’ poems as well.)


small cramped space

shackled, restrained

we’ve all been there

we may not see

the walls pressing in

the bonds on our hands and feet

but they’re there

even if

warm fuzzies fill our heart

there is

permeating dampness

we’re hurting

though others may not know

though we may not know

but there is One

who holds the key

to our shackles

One who wields the hammer

willing to demolish the walls

One whose warmth

fills not only our hearts

but our lives

freedom awaits

and when we are truly free

that is

the Ultimate Happy Ending


And, as promised, a little whimsy . . . 

Girl Dancing



sets our feet to dancing

our spirits too are soaring high



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