November 8 ROW80 Check-In

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Scheduling Goal

Though I love to have some (lots) of wiggle room in my daily schedule, it’s time to give things a little more structure.

~ still a work-in-progress

Researching Goal

Research info for Deb Willows’ second book and info on self-publishing the five ebook ideas I have chasing each other around in my brain.

I’ve made a start; time to get the book proposal for SLBMC started.

I’ve put feelers out re: the best way to pursue self-publishing. If you have any insights, feel free to let me know.

Learning Goals

COMPEL Training ~ My goal this week is to complete COMPEL 501. I have to pace myself. There’s so much great teaching here.

I’ve completed COMPEL 501 and have been listening to at least one additional training per day. Love this program!

Spiritual Goals

~ begin each day with prayer and Bible study

~ must get back to it

Writing Goals

~ write a book proposal for Deb Willows’ second book

~ hopefully will make some headway this coming week

~ prep at least one ebook for publication early 2016 (This will involve more tweaking, assembly, and proofreading than actual writing.)

My goal this week is to decide which book to publish first and start assembling and tweaking.

~ five three devotionals per week for HopeStreamRadio

~ still getting bumped to the end of the week but getting done

~ weekly posts for my website

After OctPoWriMo, it’s like I forgot I had a blog. I must get back at it.

~ guest posts for Christian Editing Services, Kimberley Payne, InScribe, Janet Sketchley, and InScribe Professional Blog

I have a few additional opportunities as well. Fun. Fun.

Editing Goals

~ keep up with my clients’ work

I am currently working on three very different projects. So cool!

Reading Goals

~ read fiction books 3x per week (for a total of 1.5-3 hours)

I’m focussing on Janet Sketchley’s Without Proof.

~ read nonfiction books 3x per week (for a total of 1.5-3 hours) regularly

Although I haven’t taken much time to read this week, I am working my way through Creating a Fit Life and before amen.

ROW80 Sponsor Goals

~ visit my ROW80 peeps once or twice per week

~ yepper

Creativity Goals


~ come up with 30 ideas for picture books this month as part of PiBoIdMo

~ take 1-2 photo walks per month

I may put this on hold until the snow flies. We’ll see. I don’t find the bare trees all that inspiring. 

~ paint 1x per month

I’ve been thinking about it again. I’ve also been thinking about joining the colouring craze. I found an amazing journal in the bookstore. It includes journal pages, pages to colour, and pages on which to put your own drawings. I could get behind that.

~ add decorative touches as we redecorate each room

I must get back to decluttering. We have accumulated so much stuff over our 33+ years of marriage. 

The framed pictures for our heritage wall are ready. I can’t wait to see them on the wall.

Fitness Goals

~ walk 15-30 minutes each weekday morning; walk with my hubby 3+ times per week; do resistance training 3x per week

My responsibilities as co-custodian of our church have become my daily workout.

~ eat well 5-6 days per week

Isn’t the mom supposed to inspire the daughter? Well, my girl has gotten serious about eating better, and she is inspiring me to do the same. You go, Sarah!

~ drink more water (incl. caffeine free herbal teas)

I am choosing tea more often 1) because it’s better than calorie-rich drinks and 2) because I have several varieties in the house to finish up before I allow myself to indulge in purchasing more.

How are you doing with your goals, my fellow ROWers (and others)?


4 thoughts on “November 8 ROW80 Check-In

  1. Great job with your goals! You have so many and so much going on. I’ve considered the color craze, but just don’t know when I’ll do it. I haven’t even had time for my drawing. The heritage wall sounds neat. Good way to tie present and past.

    Keep being awesome!

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