Round 4 Goals Revisited

The following were my original goals for Round 4 of A Round of Words in 80 Days:

Spiritual Goals

~ begin each day with prayer and Bible study

I didn’t do so every day, but it has become more of a habit. 

Writing Goals

~ participate in OctPoWriMo

Done! Thirty-one new poems written.

~ five three devotionals per week for HopeStreamRadio

HSR won’t need new content until the second week in January. I’ll get back at it after Christmas.

~ weekly posts for my website

I’ve begun to re-post one of the four weekly posts I’m including here.

~ guest posts for Christian Editing Services, Kimberley Payne, InScribe, Janet Sketchley, and InScribe Professional Blog

I love guest posting. (Can you tell?) I’ve pretty much kept up with this schedule.

Editing Goals

~ keep up with my clients’ work

I would still like to get more done in a week, but I am buckling down.

Reading Goals

~ read fiction books 3x per week (for a total of 1.5-3 hours)

I have read some but not as much as I originally wanted to.

~ read nonfiction books 3x per week (for a total of 1.5-3 hours)

(same as above)

ROW80 Sponsor Goals

~ visit my ROW80 peeps once or twice per week

I missed last week. Sorry, peeps!

Creativity Goals

~ take 1-2 photo walks per month

~ paint 1x per month

~ add decorative touches as we redecorate each room

For one reason and another, I haven’t gotten these goals accomplished.

Fitness Goals

~ walk 15-30 minutes each weekday morning

That was shortlived.

~ walk with hubby 3-5x per week while the weather is good

We haven’t been doing this since beginning to clean our church in the evening.

~ resistance training 2-3x per week

Said cleaning responsibilities has pretty much become my exercise regime.

~ eat well 5-6 days per week

I’m eating less—not a lot better but less.

~ drink more water (incl. caffeine free herbal teas)

I have been drinking more water, but with the cooler weather, I’ve also been drinking seasonal drinks (hot chocolate, flavoured coffees, and egg nog).

And now for a seasonal meme I created using a photo from …

Room for the Saviour


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