May 15 ROW80 Check-In


This week I’ll just share the highlights …

Who I Connected With

I was able to spend Friday evening with my coauthor, Paralympian Deb Willows, share a meal, and work on our second book, tentatively titled Still Living Beyond My Circumstances.

What I Read

Chapter 8 of Francis Chan’s Crazy Love examines many ways people “obsessed with Jesus” behave. They “give freely and openly.” They “aren’t consumed with personal safety and comfort.” They “live lives that connect them with the poor.” On and on this list goes. I have been challenged and plan to prayerfully review this list often.

When I Got “the Call”

My doula client sent me a text between 11:00 and 11:30 Sunday morning saying she thought she was in early labour. Needless to say, I was on high alert awaiting the next text asking me to join her. Baby’s aren’t always so obliging, but I was able to run A/V for our church service and even grab a bite of lunch with friends. And then I had the incredible privilege of supporting a mama while she birthed a handsome “little” boy (9 lbs. 15 oz). What an honour!

Where I Need to Spend More Time

~ the gym (nuff said)

Why Last Week was

See above … plus, connected with my sons and daughter-in-law, spent time with my hubby and our daughter, caught up with a dear friend over breakfast on Saturday, enjoyed my day job (and other responsibilities), made significant headway with my editing for others, read some, wrote and uploaded a couple of devotionals, etc, etc., etc.

How I’m Going to Tackle the Coming Week

Read the Bible and devotional materials daily.

Spend more time preparing a meal plan and making healthy meals.

Get my comments off to “the most patient author ever,” who enlisted my help as a beta reader.

Assist a new author take the next steps now that she has a finished manuscript.

Complete and submit our book proposal for Still Living Beyond My Circumstances.

Attend my writers’ group on Tuesday.

Edit two chapters for one client.

Review six chapters for a second client.

Work on a third client’s stories for her collection.

Write and upload 5-8 devotionals for HopeStreamRadio.

Write a number of blog posts.

Complete a critique of a short piece.

Read more.

And get to the gym!






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