ROW80 Check-In & A Song


Plan of Attack for Last Week

Read the Bible and devotional materials daily.

~ most days

Spend more time preparing a meal plan and making healthy meals.

~ didn’t happen

Get my comments off to “the most patient author ever,” who enlisted my help as a beta reader.

DONE! (Cue fireworks.)

Assist a new author take the next steps now that she has a finished manuscript.

~ got her pointed in what I hope is the right direction

Complete and submit our book proposal for Still Living Beyond My Circumstances.

~ the finish line is within spittin’ distance

Attend my writers’ group on Tuesday.

~ had to be postponed until the 31st

Edit two chapters for one client.

~ this coming week looks more likely

Review six chapters for a second client.

~ make that four chapters

Work on a third client’s story for her collection.

~ done

Write and upload 5-8 devotionals for HopeStreamRadio.

~ make that two devotionals

Write a number of blog posts.

~ make that “wishful thinking”

Complete a critique of a short piece.

~ yepper

Read more.

~ not as much as I would have liked but definitely more than I have been reading

And get to the gym!

~ this week, definitely this week

Plan of Attack for the Coming Week

Study the Bible, read devotional material, and pray daily

Special time with my hubby

Special time with my daughter

~ begin studying The Life Ready Woman with my daughter and her BFF

Post 2-3x on family Facebook group

Devote 15-30 minutes to organizing / cleaning the house each day

Make a meal plan and stick with it

Get to the gym 3x

Get last 4 chapters to one of my editing clients (When she gets the completed manuscript back to me with her comments, I will do a final read-through.)

Get 2 chapters edited for a second client

Get 1-2 things off my Procrastination List at the office

Prep blogging schedule and write posts for this site, my website, and those on which I guest post

Complete a critique for a fellow COMPEL member

Read fiction and nonfiction daily

And now for one of my new favourite songs …


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