Last May Check-In

Flower Box 2

Last Week

Don’t ask!

This Coming Week

For no good reason, I’ve found myself in a funk recently.

What will I do this week to change that? I will remember I am not “Strong Enough.”

Plus, I will choose one or more of the following:

~ go for a photo walk

~ visit an art gallery

~ hang out at the library

~ find a quiet spot to read and/or write (i.e.: the park or the beach)

~ listen to energizing instrumental music while I sit at my computer (I do lot of “chair dancing”.)

It’s time for an attitude adjustment. So … now for my I Get To list:

~ mine the riches of God’s Word and pray daily

~ get to the gym at least 3 mornings this week

~ prepare and follow a healthy meal plan

~ get 7 hours of sleep each night

~ spend special time with my hubby each evening (going for a walk at least 3 times)

~ spend special time with my daughter 1-3x

~ post on our family Facebook group 3 times

~ spend .5-1 hour each day home-tending (Thanks so much for the word, Shan Jeniah.)

~ begin final read-through of Client #1’s revised manuscript

~ edit Client #2’s story

~ edit 2 chapters for Client #3

~ write and record 3 devotionals for HopeStreamRadio

~ prepare a blog schedule and write several posts for my own sites and for others.

~ read fiction and nonfiction daily

Of course I’ll get to do many other things this week as well, but at least I’ve hit on the major areas that need attention.

What about you?

What’s your go-to when you’re in a funk?



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