Speak Life

A new song for a new week …

This Week

I will “speak life” …

To My Spirit

~ by studying God’s Word and praying

~ by fellowshipping with other Christians

~ by reaching out to someone who can’t “pay me back”

To My Body

~ by continuing my “chair dancing” habit (I love playing YouTube playlists that keep me bouncing in my chair.)

~ by walking more

~ by getting to the gym 2-3 times

~ by fulfilling the Squat Challenge I’m doing with a friend

~ by eating better

~ by drinking more water

~ by getting enough sleep

To Those Whose Path Crosses Mine

~ spend time with my hubby and our daughter

~ connect with our sons and DIL via Facebook (and perhaps, text)

~ connect with my sister via text

~ seek to encourage others via Facebook and Twitter, my blog and website

~ catch up on my devotional writing for HopeStreamRadio

~ prepare an interview for one of the First Nations’ writers I long to come alongside

~ make significant headway on my editing clients’ projects

~ get started researching for Deb Willows’ follow-up book

Last Week

Choose one or more of the following:

~ go for a photo walk

I did a casual photo shoot for one of my doula clients and her family. So I sorta, kinda did this. 

~ visit an art gallery

~ hang out at the library

~ find a quiet spot to read and/or write (i.e.: the park or the beach)

~ listen to energizing instrumental music while I sit at my computer (I do lot of “chair dancing”.) I listened to a lot of music last week. I love music but must be content to “make a joyful noise” (Psalm 100:1 ESV); a good singing voice is not one of my gifts.

My I Get To list:

I crossed out those things I didn’t get to. Although there are several things on that list, I would say it was a fairly productive week.

~ mine the riches of God’s Word and pray daily (getting there)

~ get to the gym at least 3 mornings this week

~ prepare and follow a healthy meal plan

~ get 7 hours of sleep each night (I got 6-7 each night and seemed to do fine.)

~ spend special time with my hubby each evening (going for a walk at least 3 times) (Mostly we just ate dinner together and watched a bit of TV.)

~ spend special time with my daughter 1-3x 

~ post on our family Facebook group 3 times

~ spend .5-1 hour each day home-tending (Thanks so much for the word, Shan Jeniah.) (most days)

~ begin final read-through of Client #1’s revised manuscript (There was quite a bit to deal with in the last four chapters. The plan is to get to the read-through this week.)

~ edit Client #2’s story (still hoping to get that done today)

~ edit 2 chapters for Client #3 (Would you believe one long chapter?)

~ write and record 3 devotionals for HopeStreamRadio (I’m hoping to be all caught up by Monday night.)

~ prepare a blog schedule and write several posts for my own sites and for others (Just today, I reworked a post for two sites on which I guest post regularly and wrote another post from scratch. :D)

~ read fiction and nonfiction daily (Most days I read from the two novels I’m trying to finish post haste. I read some nonfiction but not every day.)


2 thoughts on “Speak Life

  1. I love the song you shared. We’re going to a music festival this summer that TobyMac will be playing at and I can’t wait. .

    I also love the idea of “speaking life” into all the aspects of our lives. Not just meeting our goals, but breathing life into them. Right?

    Have a great and blessed week.

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