86,400 Seconds ROW Check-In

Last week’s check-in was based on TobyMac’s “Speak Life.” This week, I want to focus on Matthew West’s “Life Forever” and how to make each day’s 86,400 seconds count.

Make Time with God Count

I have now scheduled devotional time in the morning and study time before bed. This is going to make a big difference and keep my focus where it ought to be.

Make Time with Family Count

Now that the nice weather’s here, my hubby and I plan to go for a walk after supper several times each week. My daughter and I began our video study and are looking forward to working through Shaunti Feldhahn’s Life Ready Woman. I hope to start posting on our family Facebook site 1-3 times per week and Skyping with my sons and daughter-in-law every 4-6 weeks. I also want to periodically connect with extended family.

Make Hometending Count

I’ve scheduled a significant amount of time to prep supper and tend to decluttering and beautifying our home M-F. This has been too long neglected.

Make Time at Church Count

I have a few things on my Do When I Can list as church admin. I hope to get one of them done this week as well as my regular commitments.

Make Writing Time Count

I have scheduled one hour each day to focus on writing. While I will likely need to increase this, it’s a start.

Make Editing Time Count

Deep breathe and … commit two hours per day to editing. My clients have been so patient, but I don’t want them to have to wait any longer than is necessary.

Make Reading Time Count

The plan is to spend 30-60 minutes per day reading. It’s doable if I cut back on my time in front of the TV and on Facebook.

Make Self-Care Time Count

I got to the gym last week … and it was amazing, although I did hurt for days. But it was the good kind of hurt. I want to get to the gym 3-5 times per week, eat better, and drink far more water. As I mentioned, I plan to walk with my hubby after supper. Plus, once a month, I want to do one of the following: visit an art gallery, bookstore, or the library; take a photo walk; hang out at a coffee shop to read or write; or something similar.

Most of these plans are for M-S. I must set Sundays aside for an emotional and spiritual recharge day. 


4 thoughts on “86,400 Seconds ROW Check-In

  1. I don’t remember hearing this Matthew West song before. Hard to believe that there are 86,400 seconds in a day, and I feel some days as if I have wasted 85,000 of them. ‘sigh’.

    I need to find more time- more seconds -in my days to spend on things like Hubby and home and heart (ie, God first, and then self). Thanks for once again inspiring me.

  2. One thing I didn’t notice in your list, and you probably want to take it into consideration… time to just “be”. Perhaps that’s how you’ll spend your gallery days and time at the gym, but as someone who wants to do “All the Things” and often makes lists like this for myself… I find I need time to not be (or do) too.

    It’s an old classic, but it might be worth a read:

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