ROW80 Check-In Plus

Unanswered questions … I have many. Even so, I choose to focus on what is beautiful.

I hope you enjoy Dan Bremnes, “Beautiful.”

ROW80 Check-In

All Things Writing-Related


Six devotionals for HopeStreamRadio

InScribe blog post

Figure out what I’m going to do about blogging here and on my website


Complete final proofread of one client’s manuscript

Assist a second client fit the first half of her fantasy story into a hero’s journey format (Because of the length, we’ve decided to make it two books. So it requires some reworking.)


Begin research for Still Living Beyond My Circumstances, the follow-up book to Paralympian Deb Willows’s memoir

Skills Development

I signed up quite awhile ago for a fiction writing course. I would like to complete at least one module each week.


My plan is to read 15-30 minutes M-S for pleasure and at least one hour on Sunday

What beauty are you focusing on this week?



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