Motivation Found

Espresso CoverEach week I love spending time with Rhonda Rhea and a number of other wonderful ladies on Facebook, chatting about Rhonda’s books. Right now we’re learning how to “espresso our faith.” You’re welcome to join us for Faith-Pump Fridays even if you don’t have the book.

Online chats. Audiobooks. Podcasts. Physical books. These have all motivated me this past week.

I’m also motivated by participating in challenges such as A Round of Words in 80 Days. ROWers share their writing, editing, and other goals and encourage one another to keep moving forward.

Here are the goals I set last time and how I did this past week:

Spiritual Disciplines

~ begin & end each day with prayer; prayer journal 3-5x/week (a work in progress)

~ study the Scriptures 5x/week (continue working my way through the book of Romans) (getting there)

~ memorize Romans 12 (s-l-o-w-l-y)

~ work my way through Ted Dekker’s The Forgotten Way, choosing one truth & one scripture passage that “hits home” from each meditation (puttering along)

~ discuss a chapter from the Bible with Dave 3x/week (check)

~ discuss Shaunti Feldhahn’s The Life Ready Woman with my daughter every week or two (hopefully this week)

Professional Disciplines

~ review changes Client #1 made to her manuscript (almost done with this one) (There are just a handful of changes yet to be made.)

~ work on Client #2’s manuscript 5x/week (This will get more attention now that Client #1’s project is off my desk.)

~ work with Client #3 as she’s able (not yet)

~ begin edits for Clients #4 & # 5 when I receive their work (waiting on clients)

~ work on Deb’s book 3+ hours/week (We had a good Skype call. We’re forging ahead. Two busy women collaborating on a book … lots of things to juggle.)

~ clean the church 5 hours/week (It’s more difficult to fill the time in the summer, when many of our programs are not running. Things will gear up again in September. In the meantime, my hubby and I are trying to get some of the extras done.)

Other Writing-Related Disciplines

~ write & upload 5 devotionals for HopeStreamRadio every week from now until the end of August (check)

~ begin to post 2 additional posts here and 1 on my website each week (not yet)

~ post on each InScribe blog at least 1x/month (I have written and scheduled August’s post.)

~ guest post monthly on Christian Editing Services “This & That for Writers,” Kimberley Payne’s, and Janet Sketchley’s blogs (check, check, check)

~ complete one module of my fiction-writing course per week (check)

Physical Disciplines

~ get back into the ab challenge I’ve been doing with my accountability partner (two more weeks to go)

~ exercise to a workout video 2-3x/week (1x)

~ get to the gym 1-3x/week (this week)

~ get 7 hours of sleep each night (more like 6)

~ plan & prepare healthy meals (better, still a way to go)

~ limit sweet intake (not as much as I should have)

~ increase water intake (yes)

Mental Health Disciplines

~ spend time with my hubby each day (check)

~ read for pleasure 15-30 minutes/day (way more)

~ go for 2-4 photo walks/month (one so far this month)

~ connect with family who live beyond the walls of my home 3-5x/week (check)

Hometending Disciplines

~ clean, organize, & declutter 4+ hours/week (this week)


5 thoughts on “Motivation Found

  1. Going through and getting all those “odd little extras” that tend to get ignored during the busier months at church will be highly appreciated when things DO get busy. Good for you and your hubby in getting to them…

    Sounds like you’re just going, going, going! GO, Steph! Rah, rah, RAH! 😀

    (Sorry, I’m not great at motivation, but I do like cheerleading.)

  2. You;re getting the devotionals done! WAHOO! I know that was a struggle for a while SO happy that you’ve made progress there.

    Sounds like things are moving along very well. I may need to make a photo walk goal of my own.

    BTW, I LOVE the way you’ve adopted hometending and made it yours, too. That makes me smile.

    1. Housework seems like such a burden, but hometending … that’s another story altogether. 🙂
      I’m actually going to be two weeks ahead by the end of the weekend on my devos. Yay!
      Hope you’re having a great week, Shan.

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