Taking Time to Breathe

I know I’ve shared this song before, but it seems appropriate since my hubby and I had a mini vacation Sunday and Monday at Niagara-on-the-Lake to celebrate our 34th anniversary. Sometimes you need to take the time to just breathe.

Below is my A Round of Words in 80 Days check-in. You can check out how others in the challenge are doing here: https://aroundofwordsin80days.wordpress.com/blog/

The Good News

Last week was highly productive. I didn’t get everything done on my Do It Already List, but I did make significant strides in the right direction. And I read lots. I love that!

Especially Good News

I’m extremely close to being on schedule with the devotionals for HopeStreamRadio. If I upload four this week and three from here on out, I’ll stay that way. It has been since April that I’ve been this far ahead.

Looking Ahead

This week the plan is to …

~ re-read several chapters of my client’s fantasy novel and make sure it jives with “the hero’s journey” outline

~ create a blog schedule / schedule for my website

~ get my notes on pp. 100-276 fired off to my friend who asked me to be one of her beta readers. Such an honour!

~ read lots

~ spend time with my hubby and my daughter

~ spend more time in prayer and Bible study





8 thoughts on “Taking Time to Breathe

  1. I loved the song. What a great tune to hum to myself next time I’m stressing out.

    Congrats on being asked to beta read. Someone trusts you a lot. That is awesome.

  2. My husband and I went to Niagara-on-the-lake for our second vacation (15 years ago)! It was beautiful. I would love to go back with my girls. Congratulations on your anniversary.

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