Guest Poet

While I still want to write 31 poems this month, I have been too busy to keep up with the daily challenges at OctPoWriMo

Today I would like to feature two poems by my dear friend Heather Joyes.

Subtle change,
Almost imperceptible to discern,
Causing concern,
Foreseeing a negative shift
To a special privilege at risk,
Thankful I rejoice,
Expressing all care to Him
Knowing His peace is a gift,
Trusting He will lead
Silent echoes
Drift in,
A chaotic repetition
Of unspoken dialogue,
No lilting notes,
Rather simultaneous tones,
Intermingle in discord,
Seeking attention
As they swirl together,
Only He can bring
Peace and order
As I pray,
And trust in Him.

6 thoughts on “Guest Poet

  1. RJ Appel

    I agree with Kathy: They remind me to, in the midst of everything including chaos, turn to and trust in my Saviour. But more importantly for me, they remind me that He is the Source of my Peace in the MIDST of chaos. Thank you for these beautiful reminders Heather.

    1. Heather Joyes.

      Rita, it is validating that you and Kathy find these poems to be reminders to trust at all times. I appreciate your input all the time regarding my efforts all the time. 🙂

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