Being Born

Being Born PicBeing Born: The Doula’s Role by certified doula Jewel Hernandez introduces the role of the doula to very young children.

The author takes the reader from one side of the globe to the other, from those who live in “grass huts” to those who live in “tall brick buildings.”

Our dwelling places may be diverse, but mothers having babies and our need for loving support are universal.

Whether they’re called doulas or not, everywhere you go, woman are offering encouragement and comfort to expectant and labouring women.

From hospital births to home births, they are all portrayed as normal.

How exactly do doulas help before, during, and after birth? The author offers a wide variety of examples.

R. Michael Mithuna’s illustrations of doulas, moms, and babies bring Hernandez’s words to life.

The author ends with these words: “Every woman should have a doula, or someone like her, when she has a baby.”

I wasn’t blown away by the text. It was informative but not necessarily engaging. I was, however, thrilled to see that resources are becoming available to educate children – and adults – about this truly amazing profession.

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