Dawn Comes Early

What books am I not usually drawn to? Historical fiction. Westerns. Romance.

What is Dawn Comes Early? Historical fiction. Western. Romance.

So, why would I give it 4.5 stars out of 5?

Margaret Brownley does a splendid job of making me gasp and laugh aloud, something difficult to do without a sound track and special effects.

I very much like Brownley’s three-dimensional characters who are susceptible to human foibles. They’re sympathetic and “real.”

Despite what I said about the books I don’t usually read, it is evident that the author has done her homework. The facts she includes are obviously well researched, and I appreciate that.

I’m a visual learner and love it when I can see the story unfold before my eyes. This is definitely true of Dawn Comes Early.

Not only do I see the story; I can hear, smell, and taste it as well. I love the sensory input that transports me from my living room to the Old West.

From a simple, hardworking blacksmith to his brother who can’t hold down a job…from a lawman with very little ambition to a criminal seeking to make a name for himself…from a single-minded ranch owner to a young woman seeking security…Dawn Comes Early includes them all plus a lot more besides.

Whether you love a good western romance – or not, I strongly suggest getting hold of this book.

I received a free copy from booksneeze.com in exchange for this review.

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