Fuel for the Soul

The subtitle reads “21 Devotionals that Nourish” and do they ever.

I downloaded C.J. Hitz’s Fuel for the Soul back in February, but just began reading it this week. The first entry spoke to my situation perfectly. “At times, our lives resemble these containers (snow globes) when they’re shaken up. The waters of our lives become cloudy and stirred up to the point where we lack focus and clarity.”

Sometimes being eclectically-interested and needing to buckle down can be counterproductive. It can lead to those cloudy waters Hitz spoke about. It was my lack of clarity that motivated me to write “too many choices” (see below). The entry for Day 1 helped me focus and marvel again at how the right message at the right time is so important.

Not only does the timeliness of the devotional thoughts appeal to me, but so do the parallels the author draws between our physical and spiritual well-being; Hitz examines the spiritual application of day to day events. Best of all, each entry takes only a few moments to read, but gives the reader something to think about for the rest of the day.

Fuel for the Soul is written from a biblical perspective, but is far from preachy. New believer or seasoned veteran, this little book offers big encouragement and thought-provoking observations.

I look forward to adding the daily readings to my regular routine and encourage you, if you need a little boost, to add Fuel for the Soul to your library. You can get you Kindle copy here.

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