Horse Crazy Lily

Horse Crazy LilySometimes it’s so much fun reading Middle Grade novels, books written for those we now refer to as ‘tweens.

Horse Crazy Lily was my first exposure to The Lily Series, and I’d give it four out of five horseshoes. (I rarely give ratings of five out of five.)

Although this isn’t the first book in the series, it made sense for me to read it, loving horses as I do and all.

It took me about one chapter to really get into HCL. It wasn’t, after all, written for readers my age.

However, once the author, Nancy Rue, introduced the main conflict in the story, I was beyond hooked.

This novel – and I presume the others in the series as well – deals with real issues in a very realistic way. With a vocabulary and word length appropriate for her target audience, Rue develops three-dimensional characters who face difficult situations in believable ways. I also appreciate that the faith element is woven in very naturally.

Lily and her Girlz Only group are in for a stretching experience when Lily’s new sister comes to stay. She hates everything – and everyone.

Will Lily and her dreams be set aside as Mom and Dad deal with the new addition?

Will Lily’s dog survive?

Will Lily’s brother?

Will Lily have to share everything and everyone she cares about?

Yes, you have to read Horse Crazy Lily to find out.

I highly recommend this book to girls eight to twelve years old and others who appreciate skilled writing, sympathetic characters, and a good story.

Parents and teachers can feel comfortable allowing their daughters and students to read these books. They will challenge them to view things from a new perspective without preaching at them or trying to beat them over the head with a brick bat, as it were.

If you’ve read any books in this series, I’d love to hear your thoughts?

And how about those of you who enjoy reading MG and YA novels . . . which did you especially enjoy?

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