Mercy Come Morning

Lisa Tawn Bergren’s Mercy Come Morning broaches on a number of topics I can relate to and paints a setting that I can visualize without becoming weighed down with unnecessary detail. While I’m a visual learner, I get impatient with drawn out descriptions.

The protagonist’s journey to self-discovery and healing was gradual and for the most part, realistic. I wasn’t quite ready for her change of heart, maybe because I wasn’t ready to forgive her mother at that point. Although my relationship with my mom was much different than Krista’s with hers, there are many parallels to my own life. I can’t, on the surface, relate, but in deeper ways, I can.

Although the ravages of dementia, Alzheimer’s in particular, play a big part in this book, I find it’s more about relationships: between mother and daughter; between man and woman; between believers and their God. Since my life is all about relationships, I love this aspect of the book. (And again, I can relate because both of my parents experienced dementia to one degree or another before they passed away.)

Mercy Come Morning touches on Big Issues: forgiveness, love, self-discovery, surrender, peace, acceptance…topics we can all relate to. In ways, it’s an easy read. In other, deeper ways, it gives readers the opportunity to grapple with these issues for themselves.

I received a free copy of the ebook from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review.

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